Seamless Tiles 

I've created some seamless tiles for your use, they work well as backgrounds or pattern fills.  The only thing I ask is that you place a link back to me if you use any of these, so others can find me, too.

If you have Internet Explorer, you can click each each image to see a preview.

A big thank you to Ann-S-Thesia for the the tutorial!

Additionally, for Heaven's Sake, don't try to put text directly on these backgrounds, or your visitors will be blind by the time they leave your page.  They look best if used in a triple or double background (like the one you see here).

Visit Ann-S-Thesia if you would like to make your own Paisley Tiles

Designed for screen resolution 1024x768
16 bit color
Copyright 2000, Lucinda, "Guffy Creek"
All Rights Reserved.