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From Angel at Angel's Graphics

These ultra-cute bunnies came from Graphics by Tricia

Another cute bunnie!  Made by Magikal

Beautiful element faeries created by Magikal

St Patty Bunny by JoyLynn @ Pixelkins

Adorable Daisy Picking bear from Carin

Created for me by heartsmiles :)

This sweetie is from Snappy

Adorable Pixel Swing by Andrea @ Pixelkins

A gift from Keeks!

Polaroid Avatar from Sweet Moon Graphics

Sweet Angel Bear from Nancy's Hide-a-way

This adorable little guy came from Lil Country Angels

Teddy Bear Picnic from Jnny

Spring has Sprung bear from Jo's Graphics

This great love blinkie from Laughter

Spring Panda bear from Carin

This gorgeous ribbon is from Julia

She's beautiful!  Made by jenny73

This cutie made by Laughter

This sweet bunny made for me by Sue Katt

Adorable flower from Sable

Pretty Seaside View by Crystal

This adorable faerie made for me by Dolceta, using a base from Critter Pixels

Thanks so much elaine 1 !

Gorgeous Lilac Sig from MeMeAnn's


This ultra cute cow from angel, created with lineart from Andrea @ Pixelkins

Sweet Sunflower bear from AngelicMarie

Isn't this fabulous?  From Kylie's Pixels

Tiny hen from Wiccabrat!

I love the cutie!  From Dewberry Dreams

Another tiny tag :)  This is from Brandie

Relaxing bears from fostadoptmommy

Beary Adorable by Serenity

Purple bunny from GreatKris

Another sweetie from Kylie's Pixels

This beautiful window is another creation from  Magikal

Cute Sparklet from fostadoptmommy

This gorgeous stamp is from Pat @ Rainbow Row Graphics

This wonderful tag made by MzKitten

This cute little guy made by  Bazoomafoo

This adorable little cutie was made for me by Angels Graphics

This beautiful faerie tag is a gift from Smooches

This sweet butterfly bear came from Rainbow Row Graphics

This gorgeous tag a gift from Pat, created by Rutan

I love this sweet Ladybear from Frk Humlebi

Adorable bear from Rainbow Row Graphics

These little Autumn Bears from Snappy

This beautiful lake scene is from Lindsay23

Fantastically wonderful Unicorn from Rutan!

Pretty pink Faerie from JC's Designs

This adorable little guy came from Perfect Imperfections

Happy Fall Doggie from Crystal

This adorable bunny is from Lindsay23

It's a spammer Voodoo doll!  Just hit delete, and stick in a pin.  Thank you Carmela!

Adorable dragon from Rainbow Row Graphics

This sweet little Zodiac bunny is a very thoughtful gift from Patience

This teeny tiny apple-selling bear is from ReignbwWarrior

A gift from Birgit

Cute pink sneakers a gift from Pat

Adorable Calgon tag a gift from Dawne, made by Brandie

A Halloween Bunny!  Thank you so much Laughter

The adorable ghosties are a gift from Pat

This adorable snowman is from Shutterbug

Another beautiful gift from Pat

Another gift from Pat, I'm so spoiled ;)

This sweet little gal is a gift from Lindsay23

This fantastic little 'gal is from nekcam, base by Quinqui

This beautiful Christmas sig is a gift from Keeks

A lovely Christmas gift from Smooches

Adorable black sheep by RoseyPosey

Gorgeous window by Elaine 1

This beautiful Valentine created by Pat, base from Pinkland

Another beautiful valentine from Pat, doll from Folk Art Treasures

These adorable tiny penguins are from Countrygal

This adorable cupcake bear is a gift from Lindsay23

This sweetie is from KellyJ

Adorable little funny siggy from Robin

Beautiful bunny by Lindsay23

This sweetie came from Angela

Funny Easter bear from Robin :)

This sweet lamb is from Pat

A tiny Easter bunny from Lindsay23

This great Ladybug avatar by Kylie

This pretty little fairy is from Pat

Sweetie sheep from Steph

Adorable huggy bear a gift from KarenAZ

Sweety sheep from Birgit

Cutie winter girl from TurtleMoonwave

Another beauty from Pat!

Adorable swinging faerie from Magikal

A lovely Halloween gift from Magikal

St. Lucia made by Pat, thank you so much!

Really adorable sheep a gift from Brandie :)

Sweet little holiday bear from Pat

Pretty little angel girl from Pat

Another beautiful tag from Pat, thank you!

Beautiful tag from Princess Pixel

Another cute tag from Pat, thank you!

Another beautiful tag from Pat, thank you!

A lovely Christmas Giftie from Berrie

Adorable Christmas Bear from Crystal Caverns

Another beautiful tag from Pat

Another beautiful gift from Pat, thank you!

Sweet Black Sheep from BevvieJ

Another beautiful gift from Pat, thank you!

Beautiful waterfall from Keeks

Bunny wagon by Robin

Flowery bear from Maely

Teacup bear a gift from Pat

Sweet bunnies from Frk

Gorgeous Pansy name from PixelCrazy's World of Pixels

Sweet Sheep by adollbee

Adorable bunny a gift from Angela

Beautiful faerie scroll a gift from Pat

Spring smeller by Angela at Pixelkins

Adorable waving dragon a gift from Pat

Beautiful garden a gift from Pat

Pretty, pretty diary from BevvieJ

Wonderful Valentine siggie from Brandie

Another wonderful siggie in purple from Brandie

This adorable Valentine sheep is a gift from Brandie

This pretty little faerie fountain is a gift from Lilbug

Beautiful Valentine girl a gift from JulieC

Sweet Valentine bunny created by Brandie!

More adorable bunnies from Brandie!

Another sweet valentine bunny from Brandie

This pretty little bunny from Lady Lafalot

Teeny tiny cute Easter Bunny from Magikal

Beautiful tag made by Patience in support of Jen

Adorable bear created by Kissy

Pretty Unicorn from Farrah

Another adorable Unicorn!  This one from BevvieJ

Sweet bunnies from SuzyQ321

Ultra cute bear from Lady Lafalot

Pea Pods!  Thanks Keeks!