Resources & Other Fun Stuff...

  • Paint Shop Pro.  I LOVE this program!  Most of the stuff you'll see on this was created with Version 7.04.

  • Blade Pro.  I can't say enough good things about this plugin.  You can find textures and presets virtually everywhere on the 'net. There's also now a Super Blade Pro! 
  • Shoestring's Picture Dicer.  Slice & Dice your creations.  Invaluable if you're creating an image map.
  • The Plugin Site.  Home of the Plug-in Commander, and Harry's Filters.  I'd be lost without them. 
  • Bravenet Web Services.  Free Guestbooks, Counters, Greeting Card Hosting, everything under the sun! Did I mention Free?
  • Web Graphics on a Budget.  Probably my favorite tutorial site.  Very easy to follow, and Mardi tells you what you need at the beginning.  Don't you just HATE to get halfway through a tutorial, and find out you need some WILD plugin you've never even heard of? 
  • Mark Charneski's Fresh Flower Scans. Beautiful, beautiful, scans of flowers right out of Mark's garden. I could spend hours at this site.
  • Dynamic Drive.  DHTML scripts and effects.  Such as cursor trailer, thumbnail viewer, floating images, etc. If I need a script, I check here first.
  •  A big collection of simple to follow tutorials, beautiful background sets, Blade Pro Presets, ICQ Skins, etc.  You name it, it's here!  This is one of my favorite sites, set to open when I log on to the 'net.

  • GUIStuff.  Interfaces, tutorials, and my personal favorite - Tools.  It's where I got the code for my colored scrollbar, and it's available for YOUR site, along with navigation bars, and Flash generators.

  • Neopets. Yep, my secret is out.  When I'm not creating graphics or tubes, or just generally fiddling in PSP, I'm playing Neopets.  Highly addictive, and a ton of fun, if I do say so myself :)

mlucinda got their Neopet at




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