The Pixel Divas

I'm a new member, but so far, this is a great place :)  It's a very active forum.  Here are the few goodies I've purchased.  


From Poison :)

Moo!  From Mystic Point Design Co.

Pretty Pink Faerie from Claudia

A new collectible!  Friendship Hearts :)  This one was made for me by Sparky's Adoption Corner

I love this little guy :) From Glitzerli-IM

This cutie was made for me by Sparky's Adoption Corner

Sweet little teddy bear from Glitzerli-IM

This fella is from Karen at CK Central

Sweet Christmas Puppy from Poison

Another cutie from CK Central

Lookie!  A Halloween Bunny :)  From PixelCrazy


Princesses from Carin's Pixels

Another from Carin's Pixels

Skiing Squirrel from Emilie's Universe

I absolutely LOVE this moose :)  From Urai's Hideaway

Isn't he a sweetie?  From Pretty Things By Lisa

Another wonderful tag from Pretty Things By Lisa

I just love this sweet calf from Mistletoe Graphics

Pretty little Valentine bear from Delightful Pixels