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By saving anything from this site, you are agreeing to my Terms of Use.  If you haven't read them, then you don't know what you're agreeing to. Please read this page in it's entirety, to avoid unpleasantness for either of us.


Any image you design from one of my tutorials is yours. Period. If you want to make a SigTag, and sell it to everyone on the internet, be my guest. :)

Do not claim my tutorials as your own.  I spent a long time writing each of them, and I deserve the credit for it.

Feel free to link to my tutorials. You don't have to ask, they're here for everyone to use and enjoy.


A link back is not required for tubes.  It is, of course, very much appreciated. :) 

My tubes are for personal use only.  This means you can't sell them.  

Direct Linking

You must download all graphics you are going to use to your own server. Just right click and save. Don't ever link directly to graphics on any site. This is bandwidth theft.  If you are using Web TV, go ::here::.

I do change the name of graphics every now and again, so if you don't want something ugly to show up in place of what you have, follow this rule.


Please don't alter these graphics. If you love it, but it's just too big, not the right color, etc., contact me at , and I will be more than happy to try and get it just the way you would like it, as time allows.

Generalized Rules




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