Gifts & Awards

Pretty little things that I've won, or have been sent to me.  Each are special to me, and deserve a special place. Thanks so Much!

This adorable winter girl is from GreatKris, thank you!

This sweet dolly is a gift from Kissy

This sweet little cow is a gift made by Twinkle at Sparkling Dreams

This ultra cute little bear is a gift from AngelicMarie

This adorable gal is a gift from Nancy made by Tonya

This sweet little girl is a gift from Nancy made by Nina

This sweetie was a gift from Deidre

A St. Patrick's Day gift from Sherice

A birthday gift from Carin!

A Halloween giftie from Urai's Hideaway


Thanks so much Unni!

Site of the Month for November 2003, Wow!

Thanks to my Graphic Buds!