Many Thanks to Arizona Kate, who made vectors make sense to me (finally!)

Start with a new Image, height=400 width=300, Transparent Background .

Choose your colors.  You can change these very easily later, if you decide you don't like it.  I chose my Stroke Color as Purple and Fill Color as light blue so you & I can see what I'm doing :)

Now we'll draw five ellipses, Retain Style UNchecked, Antialias and Create as Vector both checked, Line Width 1.  In the image below labeled what each will be used for so you'll have an idea what size you need to draw:

Now with the vector object selection tool , Click on the BODY ellipse. Hold down the Ctrl Key, with your cursor over the node at the top right, or top left, and click and drag toward the center of your image.  Do the same at the bottom, but drag to the OUTER edge of the image. 

You should now have an egg shape. You're done with the body!

Now, using the selection tool, click on the HEAD ellipse, and do the same thing you just did with the body.  Now you should have two "Egg" Shapes.  Move the Head onto the body.

On the next page we'll work on those ears!

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