This Tutorial Uses the Jama 3D Plugin.  This Plugin is freeware.  The steps are included if you don't have Jama 3D, but  the effect is nicer with it.

Also, please visit Paint Shop ProPourri, and learn how to make tassels with Jo's fantastic tutorial.  You'll need tassels later in this tutorial.  Thanks Jo!

We'll start with a new image,  300x400, background=transparent.  Add a New Layer. 

Select your Preset Shapes Tool.  Shape type: Hexagon, Style: Filled, Antialias Checked.  Set your foreground color to white, and with your cursor at approximately 25, 250, draw a long, thin Hexagon like this one:


This is the bottom AND the top of your lantern.

Now choose your Selection tool, Selection type: Rectangle, Feather=0, Antialias UNchecked.  Draw a rectangle around the Hexagon you just drew, and then click on it.  You should now see the "marching ants" around your shape.  Now for the really hard part.  Decide what color you want this to be, and Flood Fill your selection with that color.  I chose Purple.


Now go to Image, Effects, Inner Bevel.  I used the following settings:


Select None.  To keep from getting confused later on, we're going to rename this layer to "Bottom".  Right Click on this layer in the Layer Palette, choose Properties, and type in your new name.  Now we are going to Duplicate this layer.  Right Click again on this layer again, and choose Duplicate.  Now Flip your Image.  Move the top Hexagon up a little more, if you don't, your lantern will look a bit Squatty. Now rename THIS layer to "Top".  Your image should look at least a little something like this:


Next choose a picture (make sure you have permission to use it) or pattern for the "Paper" part of your lantern.  Choose something with colors that complement the color you chose for the top and bottom of your lantern.  Find what you like, and we'll continue on the next page.

Questions? Email Lucinda.

Designed for screen resolution 800x600
16 bit color
Copyright 2000, Lucinda, "Guffy Creek"
All Rights Reserved.