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First, we'll start with the lamp base. 

Create a new image, 300x300, background=transparent. I'm sure you won't want your lamp to be this big, but it's much easier to resize smaller later.   Now, add a new layer.  On this layer, choose your Selection tool, selection type Elipse, Antialias checked, feather 0.  Now, at the center of your image (150,150), draw your Elipse shape.  Now go to Selections, Invert.  Now, with Selection still as your tool, place your cursor at 150,150 at the bottom part of your first elipse, hold down the Ctrl Key on your keyboard (your are modifying your selection), and draw another Elipse, thinner than your first.  Now go back to Selections, Invert.  Now you should have something that looks like this:


Looking Good!  Now we're going to add shadows to our base.  Go to Image, Effects, Cutout, and apply with these settings:


Now, go to Selections, Invert.  Now go to Image, Effects, Drop Shadow, and apply with these settings:


Then Back to Selections, Invert.  For the lamps at the top, I made my shadows white by going to Colors, Negative Image.  For this tutorial, I'm going to leave them black.

Now, decide what color you want your lamp base to be. Click on Layer One, or your Transparent Layer, and Flood Fill your selection. 

Now for the highlight... Go to Selections, save to Alpha Channel. Go back to layer two, or your shadow layer,  and create another new layer.  Set your foreground color to white.  Now, click on Preset Shapes, choose Shape Type:Elipse, Style:filled, Line Width:1, With Antialias Checked.  Now draw a small Elipse.  You're on a new layer, so if you don't like where you put it, just click on the mover tool, and move it where you want it.  This is what mine looks like:


Now we're going to soften the highlight, as it is, it's just not...natural :)  Go to Image, Blur, Gaussian Blur.  Apply with a radius of 4.00, or so.  Next I went to Image, Rotate.  Direction:Left, Free:25.  Make sure All Layers is Unchecked! 

Now, for the last step for the base.  Add yet another new layer.  Set your foreground color to black.  Choose the Draw Tool, Type:Bezier Curve, Style:Stroked, Line Width:4, Antialias Checked.  Now, apply your Bezier.  Don't worry if you get outside of your base, we'll get rid of that later.  Draw your line from from one side of the base to the other.  Then double click just below below your line, at the center (150, 150).  Now go back to Image, Blur, Gaussian Blur, and apply with the same settings as you did before.  Now, to get rid of anything outside the actual base, go to Selections, Load from Alpha Channel.  Now that your selection is back, go to Selections, Invert, and hit the delete key.  Now go to Layers, Merge Visible.  Save this.  Voila!  You now have the base for your lamp!


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Designed for Screen Resolution
800X600, 16 bit color.
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