Since Pixel Painting is currently all the rage, and highly addictive, I've created this little fellow for you. Let's get started :)

First, open a blank image size 125x100, 16 million colors, and then zoom in until you can see what you're trying to do. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM

This is what I have my paint brush settings on (In PSP 8)

Choose a  nice dark brown color (I chose #76521E) and paint Grizzly's ear, like this:

Now we'll continue, and make Grizzly's head:

Next, his front paw and leg, like this:

If you're not blind yet, we'll continue by doing the bottom part of his body, and his back:

Now for the back leg :

And last, but certainly not least, a tail :

Thank Goodness!  Now on the next page we'll add some shading!

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Designed for screen resolution 1024x768
16 bit color
Copyright 2003, , "Guffy Creek"
All Rights Reserved.

Paw background from Designed by Moonlight