Very Pretty buttons, and VERY easy to make :)

You will need my Shiny Button Preset for this tutorial, click to download the zip file, and unzip to your KPT Shapeshifter Preset folder.

Start with a new image, 200x200, transparent background, and create a new layer.

Now pick a preset shape you like, I chose one of the stars.  Make sure retain style is not checked, and Antialias is checked.  Line width doesn't matter.

Next set the foreground color to null, and the background color to something you'd like. 

Draw your preset shape, then go to Selections, Select all, and then Selections, Float.

You should see the "marching ants" are around the edge of your shape:

Now for the fun part!

Go to effect, Plug-in filters, KPT, KPT 5 Shapeshifter, click on the preset button , and locate the lucinda_shiny_button preset.

If you don't like the bevel for the shape you chose, you can move the Bevel Scale and Bevel Height sliders in the Main Shape box until you get what you like.

Next, click the mask in the "Top Mask" box,

and choose a mask from the "Mask" folder under the KPT 5 directory.

Now choose a contrasting color from the box under the eye, and adjust the sliders to your liking, here's mine:

*note the Transparency slider is all the way to the left.

You can also add a shadow using the sliders in the Shadow Menu, or you can add a drop shadow you like in Paint Shop

When you're all done changing settings, adding shadows, etc., click the check in the bottom right corner. Now choose Selections, Select None.

You're Done!

You can merge visible layers and tube your button, or you can flood fill the bottom layer and frame it. :)

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Designed for screen resolution 800x600
16 bit color
Copyright 2002  Lucinda, "Guffy Creek"
All Rights Reserved.