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Lucinda's Snowglobe Base Tutorial

Want to make a snowglobe base that isn't a dingbat?  You've come to the right place!

First, open a new image.  300x200, background=transparent.  Place your cursor at 150, 150 and with your Selection Tool,  set at Selection Type: Ellipse,  Antialias  checked, draw an ellipse to almost the edges of your image.  Mine looks like this: 

Now Invert your selection.  (Selections, Invert).  Change the settings on your Selection Tool to Selection Type: Rectange,  Antialias NOT Checked.  Now we will modify our selection.  While holding down the Control Key on your keyboard place your cursor at the left edge of the ellipse, at about the 60 mark, and draw a rectangle that extends to the right side of the ellipse.  Here's Mine:

Invert your selection.

Choose the Flood Fill Tool, Gradient: Metallic, Angle: 90, Repeats: 0, and flood fill your selection.

To get rid of those nasty looking lines, go to Image, Noise, Add, 4%, Uniform.

Now Deselect (Selections, Select None)


Now place your cursor at the center of the top of the rectangle, and with your selections tool set at Ellipse again, with Antialias Checked, draw a second ellipse that extends to both sides, like this:

Now hit the delete key on your keyboard, and with your selection still in place, add a new layer. The reason for the separate layers is so when you start making your globe, you can put the "glass" layer between the two, and it gives it a more "real" look.  At least I think so. ;) 

On the new layer,  flood fill the selection with the same Gradient as before, and go to Image, Mirror.
Now add 4% Noise Again. 
Go to colors, Adjust, Brightness/Contrast.  Set Brightness to -30, and set Contrast at 0. Now you can de-select.

I wanted my base to be more of a gold color, so on EACH layer, I went to Colors, Colorize, and set each Hue and Saturation to 41.  On the layers palette, drag layer two under layer one, and you should have something like this :

For Bases like the ones you see at the top of the page, just colorize each layer to whatever nifty shade you like!

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Designed for screen resolution 800x600
16 bit color
Copyright 2000, Lucinda, "Guffy Creek"
All Rights Reserved.

Now that you've got the base down, here's a list of sites to help with the rest, each link will open in a new window.

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 As an additional note, if you are using someone else's art to make your globe, please make sure you have permission from the original artist.